Thursday, July 23, 2009

My New Male-Centric TV Obsession

I won't lie. I love some television shows that are pretty much geared toward men, namely UFC. But there is a new challenger on the cable box and its name is Ninja Warrior.

This is a crazy Japanese obstacle course game show that tests real endurance and strength. I LOVE IT! I didn't even know I had G4 until a few weeks ago when my brother introduced me to the show. When I got home from Massachusetts, I went through every channel on our system looking for G4. I have now introduced Aaron to NW and he really digs it. He even stayed up this morning to watch the two episodes. I'm now enjoying another two episodes. If you have the channel, I highly recommend it.

Ninja Warrior:


Hit 40 said...

I love rescue me. I think this show is kinda manly. Lots of action and soft porn. It has LS and V!!! My three favorite letters. Language, sex and violence. Excellent

BeeOhVee said...

Great, Great show. I always loved Dennis Leary adn thanks to this show I love him even more.