Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Starting Over... For Now

Sigh... I have had the same hair stylist for a while already and I love her to pieces. When I found her I was pretty much lost. Bouncing around from one careless hack with a pair of scissors and not a clue as to what to do with curly hair. Then by some wonderful coincidence I saw a girl at a conference with the most perfect curls. I asked her who she goes to and I ended up calling at the next "bio break."

It's been love since then, but sadly the salon is on the expensive side. Average cut is $125. BUT, every time I go there I usually stock up on gel, shampoo, conditioner... the bill is pretty painful by the time I leave.

So yes, I have held off as long as I possibly could but I am extremely overdue for a cut. My hair now feels like straw and I swear I can hear my curls laughing as I hang upside down drying my hair, desperately hoping to coax the curls into behaving. You can see why I had to find someone new until I am back working.

On the recommendation of another curly girl, I decided to call a new salon with prices that are far more reasonable. I just about went into shock when the voice on the other end said "$40 for just a cut and blowout." Good lord!

I just hope that this place does as good a job as my usual salon. That would make me extremely happy not to mention, it would make me seriously reconsider who will do my hair from this point forward. It's not so bad having to pay a shit load (when I have a job and) when there isn't a mortgage or miniature people to think about. But I also don't want to have Aaron have an aneurysm every time I start fussing with my dry and brittle ends.


Mich said...

$40 - $50 would be average for a good cut. honestly you were paying too much at the other one. you were paying for the "salon experience".

hopefully everything works out for you!

Cathy said...

I agree with Mich, I pay 35 for mine and that's because my stylist is with a chain. I have been going to her for 8+ yrs, and not planning a change. When I go in for highlights & cut its still only around $100. Good luck with the new place!

E. Van Lowe said...

A guy is probably the last person who should weigh in on this, but guys often comment when they shouldn't. Switching stylists can be traumatic. When we first moved back to LA my wife only wanted some guy in New York to cut her hair. Every time I went back to New York on business she came with me for one reason only... okay, two, to shop. It took years for her to find someone in LA she trusted to cut her hair. She had some bad experiences. I wish you luck. Please let us know the results.