Sunday, November 8, 2009

Couple's Game Night

Every now and our friends get together for game night. The usual games include, Taboo, Cranium, Scene It, Scategories, Trivial Pursuit, and once in a while we even throw in Wii Bowling. These started off as just a friendly gathering of random friends but since we have all slowly paired off the game nights kind of became a couple's thing. And as for the, "friendly" thing, yeah, not so much, we're all kind of competitive and a bunch of sore winners. So over time, even with the marriages and introduction of new people, the competitiveness, has by no means diminished. I think we've actually gotten worse. We gladly throw our significant others/ spouses under the bus at the drop of a hat and get into all out verbal disputes that often require a thesaurus, dictionary or encyclopedia to sort out.

One example of a typical argument and coincidentally, of the longest arguments was over transportation and train. During a game of taboo, the word was "transportation," I said, "trains are a mass form of this, especially in NYC." "Train" was not a taboo word, but I got buzzed for it. The rationale was that "train" is in the word, "transportation." I informed our friend that he was a dolt. He argued he was correct because you transport things and that train was at the root. I repeated my initial argument that he was a dolt. I then broke down the word transportation and that a train is actually a noun and the proper technical name of said thing. He didn't get it. He then argued that the two words begin with the same root, "T.R and A." I countered with, "so do car and carp, and carpet but they aren't the same thing and one is not the root of the other words." Needless to say, the argument went on for a good half hour. His fiancee, a teacher, sided with him. This fact made one or two more people side with him. Most of the people there agreed with me. The argument was finally settled when we looked up both words on the Internet and an encyclopedia. Our friend, still insisted he was correct. I maintained that he was a dolt and demanded a new buzzer person.

So yes, last night we had another game night broken as a battle of the sexes. We had a new couple there and we gave them plenty of prior warning that things can get a bit crazy. They said they were warned and seemed a bit wary, but by the end they said they wanted in for the next game night. Surprisingly, we didn't have a huge arguments although there was quite a bit of backstabbing and poking fun of each other. All in good fun though.