Sunday, January 3, 2010


I can't believe 2009 came and went. It really seems like the year flew by. So here's my quick, quick recap of the year.

The year started fairly normal; new marriage, getting used to being together every waking moment. Not bad. It was actually a pretty easy transition. Oh yeah, there was the whole, should I leave my job, should I take a gamble and stay, decision. I took the money and ran.

I got lovely flowers from Aaron at work for Valentine’s Day, tulips and irises. So pretty.

We went to our friend’s Dave and Christina’s wedding and Met Jerry’s new girlfriend, Lisa. Despite my very catty initial assessment, she kinda grew on me. She’s not terrible as a person. She just has terrible taste in fashion and movies.

I finally started working on changing my name legally. It took a bit but I figured out the process. Hint: Start with the social security office.

My last day at work came along. I kinda felt apprehensive about leaving but I did it anyway. In hindsight, even though I’m still looking for work, I still think this was the right move. Considering that there have been two rounds of layoffs since I left... well, I’m just glad I got money for it.

I quickly got on my game rewriting my resume and getting it out there. And I’m still playing the game.

I finally ended up making my wedding photo selections and got that going. I picked up my last book a few weeks ago 

We had our Twilight movie party and had a bit too much fun with an Edward cutout and, “Jizz in My Pants.”

Took in the Orchid Show at the Botanical Garden with my Mom. I got an orchid and it is currently in the process of dying. Good thing the Orchid show is just around the corner.

I walked away from a great job. I still grumble about it but ultimately I think it was the correct decision.

During the summer I picked up my bike and really got into taking the thing everywhere; including my parents place several times a week, trails around the parks and the challenging, sandy trails around Robert Moses and Kismit (long Island).

Took a trip to the strangest city I’ve ever seen, Dallas.

After the summer came one of the most memorable trips ever. Aaron and I went to Italy and Germany.

Italy was fantastic. All of it.

Germany was lots of fun. Aaron beat up on people at the poker table at Spielbank in Alexanderplatz (Berlin). We got to see the really cool giant puppets used in the 20th year celebration of Germany’s unification.

We survived the first round of kiddie parties.

My uncle passed away.

I survived Thanksgiving, as did everyone else.

I went on many job interviews since leaving Newsweek and still nothing.

More kiddie parties.

Christmas brought me several cool gifts, one lame-ass one and a Wii.  Weeee… ouch.

Here’s hoping the New Year brings a new job.


Optimistic Pessimist said...

what a's to hoping 2010 is all you hope it will be.

BeeOhVee said...

Thank you very much.