Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Driving and Fish

We went driving again today. We went back to my parents place again. He tried the dreaded turn into the driveway and didn't hit a damn thing. Granted he was turning bright red from not breathing and his knuckles were white but he did it perfectly. I took over driving one we got in. There are other cars in the parking lot and I didn't feel it would be wise to endanger other cars.

On our way out I reminded him to relax and breathe before he got back into the driver's seat. He did well. He even made another right hand turn at a light and went through a four way intersection perfectly. He did end up learning why they call it a blind spot when he initially pulled out into the road. Luckily, I'm now on high alert. So we do have some progress. Huzzah!

I didn't tell Aaron about yesterday's incident. I just told him that we had a nice scare, but didn't tell him about the car's booboo. He would never let poor Evan live it down and it would eventually make him nervous being in the car with Evan and therefore slow down the progress I've accomplished. Sigh.

Oh yes, after the driving lesson Evan finally got his fish. Aaron and I got him a fish tank for Christmas. We finally found a stand yesterday so we set up the tank. And for the fish today. The tank looks really cool. Plus since I've had fish tanks before I can coach him through what he needs to do to take care of them.

These are the fish he got. There's also a sucker fish in there but I can't find a photo of the one he's got.