Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wishful Thinking. HA!

Well I suppose I would have been foolish to think my car could have remained unscathed through out this process. Luckily, I anticipated some scrapes, so when it happened I wasn't totally pissed.

Today Evan was on the road. He'd been on the road before but that wasn't the problem. For some reason he blanked out on one of the first things I taught him in the big open parking lots. Turns.

The first thing I taught him once he learned how to make the car move and stop were turns. I spent at least three lessons on just turning left, right, wide turns, sharp turns and even backwards. But today when I had him turn into my parents parking lot, he blanked, freaked and hit the gas when he came in wide on his turn into the lot. He ended up kissing one of the light posts in front of the building! Not the big ones, just one of the small (about three feet tall) light posts at the entrances. The cover to the very small light on the side of my car broke. It could have been worse. I yanked on the wheel to make the car turn more, otherwise it would have hit the damn front. He said he'd pay for the cover. The paint smudge can be buffed out.

The positive side is that no one saw it. My Dad (who's the superintendent of the building) was outside on the grounds but he didn't see it and the light post didn't fall over. Whew.

What hurts is that he's not the only one to have done that. Every few months my Dad has to replace one of the damn things after one of the tenants inevitably knocks one over. They aren't exactly easy to see. My Dad originally told the tenant board to make them white or a brushed silver color since they're right on the edge of a grassy area and in front of bushes. They wanted and went for green. Two weeks and about six posts later, they changed their minds and went with a brown. Not much better. Ah well. Like I said. Today's adventure could have been much worse. Luckily, I think he feels bad enough to not repeat his mistake. And he said he'd pay for the damage.

Oh yes, if you're wondering why I'm doing this; it's because Aaron would scare the hell out of him. But he needs to have a licence if he ever wants to get out of his stinky-ass job; Otherwise, when we move out, he's gonna be screwed.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Oh noes!! Glad that it was a minor incident and not something major. Would have scared him off of driving for good!! (and kudos to you for being so calm about the injury to the car!!)