Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinner, It's What's For Lunch

I feel bad for Aaron when he works. His schedule is all kinds of messed up. He leaves for work at 10:30pm and gets home at about 8:30am or so. If he has an arrest, it's anywhere from an hour later or six hours later. He once had to stay so long he just said friggit and stayed at work. He slept on one of the beds in the break room for the three hours till his shift started up.

But what makes me feel really bad for him is that when he's working he rarely gets to enjoy a meal when he's supposed to have it, or around the time when it's supposed to happen. For example, last night I made roasted chicken, potatoes and a steamed vegetable mix. On a day off he'd love this dinner or on a day when he comes home at a normal time and gets to sleep before 10am. Yesterday was not one of those days. He asked me to wake him for dinner. When I checked in on him he said, he'd get up, but couldn't really eat when he got to the table. I told him to go get some more rest, made him a cup of tea, and packed his dinner up for him so he could have it for lunch. But by the time he had a lunch break at 4am or 5am-ish, he really wasn't in the mood for it. He got a breakfast dish from a diner. Sadly the person making his egg sandwich wasn't really with it and put ketchup on it. The only time he likes ketchup is on fries. No where else. Poor guy. But yes... since he wasn't in the mood to argue, he just ate the thing and felt gross afterward.

This morning when he got home he stayed up for about an hour or so and crashed. He was snoring by 10am. I think I'll surprise him and make a breakfast dish for dinner tonight.


Cathy said...

Poor Aaron couldn't catch a break....
Breakfast for dinner is always fun!

BeeOhVee said...

It worked out really well. He was really surprised and liked it a lot. He was able to eat almost everything.