Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dinner With The TwiMoms

Tonight was another fun experience with the TwilightMoms. Yes, I'm one of the "Moms" you may have heard of. The group of women who are obsessed with Twilight even though we're all well past our teenage years.

The group of us living in and around NYC get together about every few months to chat, have dinner, drinks and be girls for a few hours. Tonight was no exception. The restaurant chosen was, in a word, perfect. The place was called Magia e Bevi. The food was great, the music gets loud and the staff encourage loud singing, dancing and playing tambourines. I loved it and it is definitely a place to revisit. Afterwards we hit a bar right next door to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, where they're playing rock of ages. The drinking continued but I stopped long before then. I also had to cut out early. Still, it was a nice time. I have a feeling that if I had actually been drinking, there would have been more shenanigans. The night just had that kind of feel to it.