Monday, May 3, 2010

“I’m Back in The Saddle Again”

After a week-long vacation to Bermuda, I’ve returned. The vacation was pretty wonderful (I’ll go into more detail in a different entry). We’re already unpacked and back to life as usual. Well, I am anyway. Aaron is still off for a few more days.

Getting back to work was quite a bit easier than I anticipated. Granted, it did take a little bit to get through the 178 e-mails I received over the week. But it’s all good. I moved quickly to patch up a few errors that occurred while I was out (some people didn’t follow the carefully outlined and detailed instructions I left) and now I’m back to bouncing ideas and thoughts around and working on my next writing assignments. Yes, this is part of my process too. I’m not just goofing off. The draft I came up with is waiting on another page. I’m not taking a few minutes away from it before I go back and start editing it (tearing it to shreds).

I got a very nice compliment from my big boss again while I was on the phone with him earlier. I think he missed me. He said that he was a little annoyed last week when he was looking for something, them my work, “miraculously” appeared (one of the goofs). Then, right inside the document I wrote were the words he was looking for. It‘s kinda nice hearing that. He also said I’m quickly becoming one of the most productive people on the whole team. Again, kind of nice hearing that. I just hope I can keep up to the steadily rising bar. Damn it, why did I have to set it so high?

Ah well, back to work I go. Here's hoping the meeting I'm about to head off to doesn't end with me ranting like a maniac.


YaerrrrrHJK:HJK:YGYURYighjrtfyfghui;yuihhhhhhprrrrtthhhhhh!!! (Ranting like a maniac)

Lord, please give me the patience to put up with all the nonsense. That's all I ask for... well, actually Lord, if it's not too much trouble, can you please grace me with a fully functioning crossbow with a hair trigger, to ward off people intending to send me their work to do. Thank you lord. Amen.