Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pretty awesome seat for a cooking demo

(Holy crap this took a while. I sent this from my phone on Thursday. My carrier sucks.)

This was really cool. I was at work on Thursday when my supervisor asked me if I knew anything about this tent that was set up in White Plains. She said it said Chef something. I was delight it find out it was actually Top Chef. Apparently the Top Chef national tour had a stop in White Plains, about a block and a half down from where I work. I was unaware of this, but you bet your ass I was there the moment I went out for lunch.

After hoofing it down to the site I saw they had a cooking demo set up. The two chefs from the show were Ariane and Ashley. They weren't my favorites but they were cool enough that I wanted to stick around and see what they were making.

Apparently you needed to make a reservation to get into the tent. But then the woman at the entrance asked if any one waiting was alone and wanted to see the demo. I didn't waste a moment. My hand shot up and I let her know I was alone. I was the last one let in and I got to sit right up in the front. So during the demo, not only could I see what they were making, I could also smell it. Awesome!

So yesh the cheese souffle they were showing us how to make tasted quite yummy. I loved it. I asked a bunch of questions. I was one of the two vocal people there. Another woman there may have a had more questions and may have been a bigger fan, but I can't be sure.

Afterwards they signed autographs. I got two photos and an oven mitt signed. I would have asked for a photo with them but the line was pretty long and by then I had to get back to the office. Still not a bad way to spend a lunch break. :)