Wednesday, May 26, 2010

V May Be Right

This weekend I went up to Mass for Munchkin #1's birthday so happily I also got to hang out with Munchkin #5.

While the little guys ran me ragged, I still had fun and as always walked away with lots of little funny moments that are now forever locked in my memory. One such memory is waking up nice and early and having both the little guys come over to lay with me for a little bit (till they ended up pushing me off the bed, really). But the winner for the weekend is watching the whole battle over pooping.

A little while ago, Munchkin #5 apparently had some tummy issues (backed up). That experience left him a little hesitant to go poop so now he tries to hold it in. As we were trying to get out of the house his Mom asked him if he has to go poop. Now, mind you he was doing the pee/poop dance. His response was, "nooooo." It took a whole half hour to get the little guy to finally sit and go poop. She tried everything including a threat to use the "screwdriver." And before you call child services,NO they aren't using a screwdriver. It's what Munchkin #5 decided to call the suppository.

In the end, Mom won by buying the little guy off with starbursts. Who knew?

But yeah, the back and forth was too funny. He tried everything to convince her that he didn't have to go. He even said he'd go after the t-ball game and that he wasn't doing a dance (while dancing back and forth, holding his pants). His Mommy even told him that if he held it in any longer, he'd end up full of poop and that it would end up coming out his ears. He didn't like that much and had a mini freak out. Meanwhile, I felt like an awful aunt. I hid in the other room to keep him from seeing me laugh. Poor little guy. At least he felt better afterwards and even told us that it didn't hurt at all. :)

Oh yeah and to secure my position as a bad aunt, I actually posted a reference to the incident as a wall post on FB. V said he may get really pissed at me for that one day. Luckily, I never use their names Online.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

LOL - by that time FB will probably be obsolete! Thank you for sharing the whole story - poor kid....but hilarious!!

BeeOhVee said...

See, and this is why I had to write something about it.