Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th President

I may not be an authority in politics, but I've spent a long time among politicians. And enough time to know how things play out behind the scenes. So what does this mean now that we officially have a new president?

Simple. I hope he does well and restores the country to prominence. I’m hopeful; I’m not an enthusiastic and blind believer. But that’s just because I’m one hell of a jaded individual when it comes to politics. But again, I’m hopeful.

Here’s my problem, though. My problem is as it was before the election. He’s a great speaker but I hope that there’s a lot more behind those words. The man was a lawyer and is supposed to know how to deliver a speech and is supposed to know how to move people to see things his way. My concern is that his short stint in Congress didn’t show me enough of what he is really capable of.

Let’s face it; the man is walking into a world of shit now that he has taken the reins. The economy, the two wars, national security and so many more smaller (but important) issues.