Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleeping Angry

Anyone who says men don't get PMS-like symptoms, has never lived with a man. I say this because last night I got so pissed with Aaron that I stormed out of the room, slamming the door beind me and fuming for a while.

He's been sick for a few days and he's been stressing out about a lot of little things that are pretty inconsequential, so I gave him quite a lot of slack. We went out food shopping when I got home from work, so already I knew he would be in a pissy mood. He's terrible to go shopping with. I like to take my time, compare prices, see what cupons I have and think about the difference between getting products at one store compared to another, right down the street. Aaron is not like this at all. He goes to one store, and goes by exactly what is on the list. If you do not specify the brand, size, color, maker, perhaps bar-code number, he will grab the first thing he sees. And God help you if you look at something that is not on the damn list. I hate this.

Still, I tried to be patient, I didn't want to seem ungrateful since he volunteered to foot the bill this time around. I already spent $120 on food at the Korean market. But from the moment I stepped into the car, all I got from him was a wave of icky, like you wouldn't believe. Oh yes, and he only brought two of the reusable bags (I have tons) and forgot my cupon keeper. Gah! I do have my store cards with me at all times, but still.

When we got home, the wave just got ickier. I finally lost it when I tried to talk to him about what was up his ass and he mumbled something incoherent and said he was tired. I didn't make much of it so I changed the channel to something I wanted to watch and started doodling in my sketch pad. He then got grumpier with me. So I snapped. I yelled at him and stormed out of the room with a good slam of the door. It was childish, I know but there's something very theaputic about door slamming.

So fast forward to 3:30ish in the morning. I'm not sure who woke who up first, but he inched over to my side of the bed and hugged me. THEN asked if I was awake. :) He said he was sorry for being so crabby with me. I said I was sorry for yelling at him. Note: it wasn't for the door slamming... ye-har-har...

The problem then was that he was fully awake at 3:30-ish in the morning. I had to go back to sleep but he started doing stuff in the room, in the kitchen, turned on his computer in the livingroom (but the volume is always cranked up. I swear it goes to 11). I eventually drifted off to sleep around 4:30ish. Woke up at 5:50. >:-O

Perhaps next time forgiveness can wait till the sun comes up. Or perhaps we can go with the old addage "never go to sleep angry." Yeah.. I vote for making an amendment to that one: "Never go to sleep angry. Lest you want to be woken in the middle of the night and feel tired as hell!"


Cathy said...

I am so sorry that you couldn't get back to sleep right away. That is the shurfire way to have a REALLY long day the next day!

Chele76 said...

That sucks... but that middle of the night hug is pretty awesome :)

BeeOhVee said...

It's all good. Between the hug and what I came home to after work made it all better. He tried to clean and he did laundry. Sure he didn't fold things quite right, but he made an effort to be thoughtful.