Friday, January 2, 2009


In 2008 I (sort of in order—not really):

-Worked on New Year’s Eve.
-Paid off all of my credit cards.
-Got a new credit card (and am paying it off very soon).
-Officially got engaged.
-Went through a very long list of potential locations for a wedding (found one).
-Organized a wedding.
-Got into a huge fight with a sister-in-law.
-Got a man-cake.
-Worked like a mad woman.
-Almost lost my mind.
-Lost my mind.
-Got it back (sort of.)
-Became one of the only people to hear Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in Time’s Square on Election Day.
-Had a really great bachelorette party at Hunkmania (remembered all of it.)
-Demanded, “more drinking.”
-Had a conga line of Italian men congratulate me (remembered nothing but there are photos.)
-Puked my guts out on a street corner in NYC. –Blech (remembered bits and pieces.)
-Got married.
-Lost some weight (put it back on during the honeymoon.)
-Got to spend a lot of time with very good friends.
-Fell in love with a teenaged-looking vampire from a “young readers” book (I love you Edward Cullen!).
-Became a Twilight pusher (I got my friends and Aaron to read the Twilight series)
-Was strangely pleased to know that the obsession has spread beyond my friends and Aaron in a matter of days.
-Met a few TwilightMoms.
-Pondered the question: Does crotch venom sparkle?
-Put up a Christmas trees in an apartment mostly inhabited by Jews!
-Managed to not completely lose my mind when things at work got F***ed up.
-Started sending out resumes to anyone with an e-mail.
-Got really pissed at a lot of little things all because I was feeling displaced.
-Got to finally see Spamalot.
-Got to see Clay Aiken in Spamalot.
-Found another vampire-based obsession; True Blood/ The Sookie Stackhouse novels. (The show is great. The books are better! Bill Compton and Eric Northman are HOT.)
-Got to spend time with friends in the City after Christmas.
-Made it a point to do as little as possible over the holidays.
-Worked on New Year’s Eve.