Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love Being a Big Geek

At the end of July, I will be heading to Dallas for TwiCon. Yep, a Twilight Convention. There are several reasons I will be there, but a wee bit ago they announced they will be holding a Volturi masquerade ball. Awesome! So yes, I have been scouring every art shop and mask store I can find to find the perfect mask for myself. I also decided that damn it, I'm going to run with the vampires. I'm going to get myself amber colored contacts. Such a geek.

Most people would worry at this point, but no. Not me. This is getting me even more excited about geeking out with the group of Twilight Moms that are attending. They all thought that was the best idea in the world. I'm just glad they all haven't commissioned artwork from me.