Friday, January 2, 2009

Work Sucks

The very worst thing about being at work today is the feeling that this is all a complete waste of time. Sure, i still want to work just well enough to not get fired at the moment, but that's about it. All the enthusiasm for this place has been completely lost. I used to actually give a crap and once wanted to do a great job, but now I couldn't give a rat's ass. It's sad really.

But then again, they could have well brought this upon themselves. I wonder how many other people are feeling the same way. Shit, no wonder there's speculation that the place will tank in a matter of years. They have pretty much sucked out every bit of good humor and enthusiasm in the place.

Oh yeah, the topper for me is the fact that I had to miss my niece's second birthday part to be in this place. Does that suck ass or what?