Friday, January 30, 2009

Smoke or Shop?

Most of you know I have had quite the battle with the little cancer sticks. I go for months and a few times, years without so much as an urge to pick one up. Then something happens (like big-time wedding stress), I pick one up and I struggle to put them down again.

I now find myself in the middle of this struggle once again. I know all the tricks and all the helpful things to do like consuming more dairy (makes the things taste just awful), drinking lots of water (not sure why this helps, it just does) and trying to change up my daily habits to avoid the trigger activities. The problem is that living with two smokers has slowed my progress. Although, I am doing a lot better than I anticipated. No one has died or has been injured yet and I've cut down my smoking to about two a day (at the most)The problem is that I've also found a strange new craving. I've been craving mall trips. Well, trips to DSW to be exact. I don't know why but I have actually been WANTING to go show shopping. I'm talking, more than cigarettes. What the hell?!

I've heard of compulsions to go shopping, but I've never heard of it actually being craved in lieu of another urge.


Chele76 said...

I *certainly* know that craving! It's why I have this darned credit card debt! I am excited to say that therapy has also helped this issue... but I think I was shopping for other reasons...