Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Kids

Aaron and I got to have Munchkins 3 and 6 over OUR place today. Their first time at our place was yesterday. We finally had my brother my sister-in-law and the kids over for dinner. Today my sister-in-law brought the little guys over while she was at a doctor's appointment. They seem to loooove Aaron's TV. He has one of those huge deals that guys buy to one-up their friends. Yeah, Aaron won when he got this thing. But I digress. I threw on Monster Inc. for them and gave them popcorn. This is the result. I love it!

We played after the movie was over but for a wee bit there, they really didn't want to be bothered. Which is a good thing. Aaron and I had to talk about a few things. Namely, what the heck we're going to do about his house keys. We went for a run earlier today and at some point his keys fell out of his pocket. We spent hours searching the areas where we were running but nothing. Luckily, his sister had a copy of the keys on her so were able to get them from her. The problem is, the keys Aaron lost also had our mail key and unfortunately, that was the only one left.

Sigh... ah well. At least the kids let us have some time to ourselves to talk. About five minutes after the movie, I tried to feed them something and then they were off running around the place. They seem to love it here. Number 3 says he think's out room is "sooooo nice." We just got new bedding and I went all out on getting the big decorative throw pillows so now the thing is super cushy (Aaron discovered it's great for kiddie bodyslams). Aaron thinks they love it here because of the large TV and because playing a video game on it is much more fun when the characters look like they're the size of a child (Number 3 now loves the Lego Star Wars game.) I think it's because when they're here, it's all about them, we let them get away with anything and because we give them fun snacks.


Anonymous said...

Monsters Inc. is a good movie. Big kids love big screen tvs too. lol
Love the blanket in the pic.

Dizzy Vizzy said...

It's always better with your aunt & uncle!!! (lurve the blankie!)

Cathy said...

sounds like you all had a blast! Bummer about the keys though, is there any kind of lost and found area???

BeeOhVee said...

Still no keys. Aaron made copies of his sister's and we got a new mail box lock.

Thank you for the comments on the blankie. It's one of my favorite throws becasue it's Jack and because I got it as a random gift from Aaron.