Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Getting a F***ing Cat!

F**k the allergies! I'm getting a cat. Tomorrow if at all possible.

Since 1991, this place has been mouse free. Today, I caught two! The problem with living in such a large apartment building is that you can't control how clean your neighbors are and apparently all of these apartments are connected by the convector systems. Great. So clean and immaculate as my apartment is, two managed to find their way in here.

The first one we trapped and had trapped till tomorrow when we could find a way to get rid of it. I had Evan tear my coat closet where all my shoes are to get to mickey number one. After it was safely trapped I saw a buddy and it went toward my shoes! Now it was personal. The bastard came in from the direction of the heater/ air conditioner and it made a dash for the shoes. Out of improvised traps (giant metal bowl), I did the only logical thing I could think of. I grabbed my vacuum. This vacuum has eaten parts of the carpet before, so I figured Mickey wouldn't stand a chance against it. It didn't. This time, I went in. Thoomp! Got Mickey number two. It died on the way in to the container. Impressed by the success of my ingenuity, I went over to Mickey under the bowl. Thoomp! It too met its demise. Sweet!

The funny thing is that Aaron called me right after the first one was captured. He said we'd head out to Home Depot first thing tomorrow morning to get mouse traps. After the vacuum demonstrated another reason why I love it so much, I called Aaron. He said what Evan said earlier in the night, "Maybe we shouldn't have gotten rid of the cat."

So you know what? Feck it! I had plans to help Michele unpack, but instead, I think I am going to be heading to the humane society and getting an young cat. Fecking allergies I can deal with. Vermin, not so much.

So Michele, if you read this before I get to call you, I'm sorry I can't make it.

Hell, I'm not sure if I'm getting to sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Be glad you don't live in the country like I do. Mice come in no matter how clean your place is. I had to get rid of my cat because of the baby and I seriously wish he was still employed as our mouse catcher and not me. lol

BeeOhVee said...

Yeah this is definitely an adjustment. My Mom laughed at me. She told me how common they can be. She lives upstate in a pretty rural area. She's just about tried every trap, rodenticide and device to keep them at bay. She said most work for a while but you have to keep on top of them. But that basically, if they want in, they'll find a way in.