Friday, May 1, 2009

Why I Do It

A wee bit ago a fellow blogger, LivingDeadNurse posed a question and since I am trying to clear the noggin for a bit, I decided to chime in on this. (By the way, her blog has nifty music on it :) )

Why Blog:

I'm the type of person that will occasionally hold back on saying things in the moment. It's frustrating as hell sometimes. I'm getting better at getting things out but when I don't, this is the vehicle I like to use.

Plus, I'm just better at expressing myself in writing. FYI: English is actually my second language... go figure.

You can't go into enough detail on what's going on in your life on Facebook's Status box. Not to mention, sometimes you just need further explanation.

It's just easier to get the funny story out in one shot to a group of readers than to go down the line of friends to tell and retell it.

It's good practice. I've always kept a journal of some sort to work things out or just to get idea out on "paper." I have quite a few entries that I haven't published but held on to because they contain stuff I may work into that growing short story I've been writing.

Sometimes I just need to share stuff I come across and this is just easier.

I think that covers the basic reasons. :)


Mejis said...

I find it easier and somehow soothing to type and not write. Maybe I'm just lazy. lol
Facebook is crap when it comes to sharing anything but short status updates or pictures. I agree, blogging is better and therapeutic.

LivingDeadNurse said...

I have journals about 5 of them...since i was 12. But the older i got the less time its seemed i had to the older i have gottenthe crappier my handwriting

I use bloggin as my outlet as well...see last blog i posted...sometime you can't tell people just what is on your again for mentioning my site btw