Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Wrong Insurance

I swear Aaron has got to have the worst insurance package I have ever seen. Since we weren't married when he picked the package he went with he didn't really care if he had the HMO or the PPO. I told him to go with the PPO but no. The HMO was free so he went with that one. I thought he had actually listened to me. NOPE. I found out after my job ended and he brought home the paperwork to add me to his insurance.

Unfortunately we can't change it till the end of the year. BUT what really sucks ass is that one, you have to see a PHP (primary healthcare physician) before you can see anyone else and two, prescriptions have to go through a separate company. AND those bastards still haven't added me to his policy. I had my GYN call to transfer the existing prescription. All should have been taken care of, right? HA! SO this is the second month I had to pay out of pocket for my BC pills! Assholes!

I miss my old health insurance. Things were so much better with them. I was told that once this is all straightened out, I should be reimbursed for the expense. Sure, but God knows how long that should take. BALLS!

There, I feel a touch better.


marathoner81 said...

I was just talking to my mother today about health's horrible, just horrible.

Cathy said...

that does suck, but the crap insurance I have isn't much better. I have a PPO, but the scripts are all done thru a second company... Medco. They have decided that to give us the discounhted prices for scripts, we have to get them by mail, and 3 mos at a time! #1 I don't want medication being delivered to my apartment complex, and #2, I don't like having the decision of not being able to use my regular pharmacist..... so I pay out of pocket for both my BC and BP pills... fun is. I hope that the next medical plan Aaron takes will be much better for you!!!!!