Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Need To Trim Toenails? Use a Toenail Clipper...

I'm slowly learning that I have a lot of tools. Well, no. I knew I had a lot of tools but I never realized just how many everyday, useful tools I had at my disposal until I moved in with Aaron.

Case in point, just a few minutes ago, Aaron was looking down at his talons and said, "I should trim my toenails." Then he went searching for the huge-ass clipper, that I am positive could have never actually been made to trim anything on the human body, except perhaps bones? He couldn't find it, which is a good thing, since the last time I saw it the spring mechanism on it broke. Yes, this thing they used to trim their nails actually had a hard-core spring on it to keep it open. I suggested he go through my nail case and get one of the toenail clippers. I have one meant for the wee toenails and edges and a big one for the big toes and the mean looking male toenails. He was pleasantly surprised. I asked, "You guys just aren't used to having actual things, are you?" I got a "nope" and a "watch out" as a piece of toenail came flying in my direction. I fled to the safety of the living room.

This really shouldn't have surprised me. I mean for heaven's sake, about half of the tools I have around the place are completely foreign to them. They had no clue what trivets were or a spice grater and they looked at me like I had three heads when I bought the hanging hooks; the ones you put on doors. Oh yes and my personal favorite, my adjustable measuring spoons. One has American measurements, the other has metric. They didn't know how to work them. I kid you not. So again, should I have been surprised that Aaron wouldn't have thought to ask me about an actual clipper? What can I say? I'm silly sometimes.

Still, I'm usually astonished at the lengths some of the men I know will go through to avoid purchasing a device that actually accomplishes a function or actually using something not immediately within arms reach. They would rather improvise, often unsafely. Perhaps it's something that goes back to the caveman toolmaker instinct, I don't know. All I know is that Aaron is not the only man I've seen exhibiting this kind of behavior. My brother has been know to actually use Xacto knives to trim his cuticles, nose hairs or stray strings on clothing. I've seen it! Then there's my Dad who will use shirts as anything from a sweat-rag to a dust cloth or a even a bandage, as he's wearing them! But then again, he's also used items in his tool box to trim nails. He once split his thumbnail and used a metal file from the toolbox to take care of it and yes, he has also used electrical tape in lieu of a band-aid.


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