Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Feel Like a New Person

Yes, that nap yesterday did the trick. I conked out for about three hours. No kidding, three hours. I woke up because I was hungry. Aaron was kind enough to take care of dinner. He ordered Thai. :) And we watched Ultimate Fighter. :)

The other very cool thing I found out is that the friend I ran into at the job fair put me in touch with some pretty cool people. Hopefully one of those contacts ends up turning into a job. That would be great.

So till I hear back from someone, I suppose I'll just have to cram down a few more cupcakes. Aaron was in the mood for something cakey earlier. I told him he shouldn't have cake since he wants to lose weight but he kept going in and out of the kitchen opening the fridge door and not finding anything to tempt him. So I caved and busted out the cake stuff I always have one hand. It's a habit I got from my Mom. She always had stuff to make a cake in the pantry. Kind of like a, make someone happy emergency kit. He had no idea about it till I hauled in my mixer. Thank you Michele!
It made him extremely happy but now we have about 20 cupcakes left over. Ah well, perhaps he'll share some with his buddies at the house/precinct.


Chele76 said...

happy mixer, yea! :)