Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now It's War...

So, after my Mom laughed at me and my reaction to the mice, Aaron came home and informed me that I was on crack and that we're not getting a cat. He reminded me that my allergies made me completely miserable and that I would have to go back to cleaning every speck of the place again on a daily basis. And that if we were to get a cat, there's no way of telling how it would react to the place and/ or mice. Echoing what Michele mentioned at like 4:00 am. By the way, thank you again 'Chele the heebee-jeebee's finally went away a little bit after we got off the phone.

So yes, Aaron and I debated the point for a while till he decided to take me to Home Depot and pretty much get as many sticky traps and rodenticide as I could carry. I almost got the electric high-frequency sound emitter, but it cost a bit and we're not sure how well it would work. If anyone knows, let me know.

So I ended up wiping every surface of the place down and put my steam mop to work. Then we set traps galore at every possible hidden or dark little corner where the bastards may be roaming. And my vacuum is still plugged in and ready to go at a moment's notice. Bring it on squeaky!

Ooh yes, around late morning Aaron got a call from a coworker who had two Yankees tickets for today's game. This is I think the fourth game we've been to in the last three weeks or so. :) After the game, I checked the traps, still clear, but I have to finish wiping things down.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the high frequency sound admitter, but I can tell you the sticky traps aren't that good. They don't always "stick" to them and I have seen mice literally rip themselves off one of those. It's disgusting. We use the spring traps and they work pretty good, but are a pain to set and if you happen to forget it's there...ouch. lol I've only used the rat posion in the motorcycyle garage, not in the house because of the kids, but it works.

April said...

I don't think it matters how clean your place is unfortunately...when those little buggars want IN, they get IN! We had a slight mouse problem last winter, I think it was? Oh wait, no, it might have been 2 winters ago (go back in my archives to 2 Januarys ago to read some funny sh*t...Big D the mouse-catcher in our bathroom in the middle of the night...dressed only in his boxers and black gloves, ha ha!! crazy!).

I feel your pain! We "accidentally" caught 2 mice in our washer in the basement. I always leave the lid up and somehow on two separate occasions, a mouse went in and then couldn't get back OUT and ended up DYING in there. EWWW! We also caught one in the house that big D killed and the fourth was caught and killed in the house (I think) by one of our three cats. FINALLY those felines did their JOB! LOL Of course they left it dead on the floor (what did I expect, for her to lift the garbage lid with her little paw and dump it for me? LOL) and my dog found it the next day. She picked it up in her mouth and then spit it out practically at my feet. EWWWW!!

SO again, I feel your pain!! ;-)We bought mouse traps immediately and put in the basement...and do you think we ever caught anything? Noooooo, of course not. But one of the mouse traps was missing it's dollop of peanut butter the next day. Those tricky mice!