Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've Got A Big Ball!

Ah, my husband... how I adore him and his refusal to ask me for things. Apparently he was talking to a friend from work who's a fitness buff. His friend mentioned that a good way to work out at home, other than running is to use a balance/fitness ball. Aaron came out earlier and asked me if I knew what one was and if I knew where we could get one.

I replied, "You mean, like the one I used to have in my old room? Like the one I brought over but have yet to fill because you get freaked about my stuff taking up even more space in the apartment? You mean the one I have in the closet right now?"

Surprised as always, he said yes. I got it out and filled it. After looking at it, speculatively for a few seconds, he asked me to show him how to do crunches on it without falling off. I did. I'm still not sure if he'll actually use it. But I've got it back and he can't bitch about it taking up space. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

lol Men!

Chele76 said...

oooh I need to get me one of those!