Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ah Yes... It's the Return of The Crazy

Aaron had to call me out last night. As most of you know, when I get stressed I clean obsessively. So yesterday as I was letting things I learned (points to hit during my interview on Monday, etc) run over in my head, I began cleaning. Aaron made the booboo of getting in my way a few times and insist I let him help. This just throws off my rhythm. BAD.

So I kinda started getting progressively snippy with him, till it got to the point where I just told him to "get the fuck out of my way." He let me go about my business and after a few hours I was back to normal and the place was friggin' spotless (even the linen closet got the full work over, refolded, resorted and looking like it's ready for display in Martha Stewart Living). I tried talking to him and he was snippy as hell. I then made the booboo of asking him why he was so friggin' snippy with me. Yeah it wasn't pretty. He went off for quite a while.

The problem was that the previous day I asked that he and his brother help keep the place tidy during the week. I don't like having to come home and find dishes all over the house and having the bathroom look like a can of shaving cream exploded. What he didn't understand was that this kind of cleaning has nothing to do with my crazy, big cleanings. When this happens, I will not speak, much less ask for help, unless of course I'm trying to move the book shelf to dust behind it or something equally nutty. I've told him before that when I get into that zone, for his own good, don't bother me. His brother did the smart thing, he hid in his room. But yes, poor Aaron was confused and was trying to help and didn't recognize what was happening. I felt bad.

I apologized and all was good again, but still, bad things happen when Ms. Crazy comes along. Poor guy... perhaps I'll making him a nice steak dinner, or take him out tonight.