Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music, Etc.

Today is one of those days that actually ended up really, well, cool.

Despite getting to work a bit late and leaving a little later than I wanted, I still had enough time at home to clean a bit, relax, read and best of all I discovered a new channel. Aaron updated our cable package and although we don't have the move channels yet, we do have some extras, namely, VH1 Classics.

I was originally flipping through the channels to see if our cable provider put FitTV back but who cares. I stumbled on the channel and they were airing a documentary on The Who! Awesome! Now they're playing a live concert from 1970 with the original line up. Ah John and Moony are there and it is glorious.

But this got me thinking about ym musical preferences which I describe as schizophrenic, at best. So here in no particular order are some of my favorite older (pre 1980) rock bands (and rockish) and performers as well a bit of an explanation as to why:

The Doors
Led Zeppelin
The Who
- Roger Daltrey is still one of the sexiest men I've ever seen.
The Rolling Stones
- Walk This Way is one of the first rock songs I ever heard. I grew up in a fairly strict Christian home. So when I first heard that opening guitar riff, I was completely blown away. It was dirty, brazen and unlike anything I had ever heard.
Queen - I'll never forget the first time I heard Freddy's voice. I loved it.
Grateful Dead
Iron Butterfly
Pink Floyd
Jefferson Airplane
Moody Blues
Van Halen
(both with Sammy and Roth)
The Kinks
Blue Oyster Cult
Come on, I like them for more than Don't Fear The Reaper. Cow Bell!
Creedence Clearwater Revival So many damn great songs.
Doobie Brothers
Dave Clark Five
- Young, old and dead. Love him.
Janis Joplin
- I can't tell you how much I wish she hadn't died before my time.
The Ramones
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
The Beatles
John Lennon
Cheap Trick
Jimmi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
The Clash

Now, of course there are many more out there. But if I were to get into individual songs and open the list to all genres, I'd be here forever. Honestly, these are all the bands that really helped mold my personality early on. Meaning, as soon as I discovered there was a whole world of music out there that wasn't "church music," fluffy, or the God awful house music the guido/ guidette kids listened to in the Bronx and much of New York City during the mid 1980's, I was pretty much in love and quite altered.

Thank goodness I had an older brother with decent taste in music. I can't tell you how often I would raid his cassette tapes and records and just listen for hours. It pretty much started with Aerosmith and Van Halen. As I got to know these bands(Aerosmith mostly), I slowly got into older and older music and kept going. Now, I quite literally listen to anything and everything. Including current music. I still prefer good ole Rock N Roll but that can't be helped.