Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quiet Time With Munchkins

I'm quite happy today. Since yesterday I have been spending time up at my brother's in Mass. The best part is that I get to spend time with the little munchkins (Number's 1 and 5). The best part is watching how much their personalities have changed since the last time I saw them the way they're both becoming their own wee people.

Munchkin no. 1 is definitely like my brother and I. We all have the same kind of off-beat sense of humor. This morning she sat there with just watching episode after episode of Mr. Bean. :) Love it.

What's more interesting is Munchkin no. 5. He's usually the little raging bull kind of kid. He's rambunctious and, well, he's a boy. But then there are times when he is just quiet, sweet and huggy. Munchkin number one, sweet as she is, was never really like that. Funny.

Back to quiet time watching Oswald. :)