Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot and Cold

Since we got married, things have been going very well on all fronts but lately I've been noticing a few things that have me really confused. The first is simple and I attribute it to men being color blind, but it's still kind of annoying. WE have two laundry baskets right next to each other. One is for whites and the other is for all assorted colors. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which is which. But there it will be, a single pair of stark white socks on top of mountain of dark colored clothing. Why is this? It's not like I haven't mentioned it to him before. On the contrary, I told him when I set this system up and he thought it was a great idea since he doesn't like to sort. Eh.

But that issue is minor by comparison. The second issue is one I doubt we can ever work out. I've noticed for the last few weeks that every single time he gets into bed he likes to use the heavier quilt, but then he gets really hot. I mean REALLY HOT. To the point where he starts getting sweaty. But then he hates having the window open or when the room is cool. Actually, he turns the heater on! Blech.I on the other hand like to sleep in the cool and like to remain so while under some blankets. Whenever I get to sleep alone I crack the windows open and only use the sheet and a heavy cotton blanket. It feels like a hug. I love it. Aaron can't stand it.

But yeah, we've been having a non-verbal battle for temperature. I've been leaving the window open but in a way that you can't really see it, meanwhile he's been cranking the heater. Last night he went to wrap his leg and foot around mine when we were reading. Yes, we're like an old couple- we'll sit in bed for hours reading and blowing quick kisses to each other. It's kind of our thing. We'll usually blow two or three mini kisses in quick succession to the other, but not actually look at each other. We hardly even think about it. It's just a habit we picked up while reading. The downside is that I've gotten used to doing that while reading. So a little while back I did that on the train. I wasn't even thinking, I just kind of did it. I had to leave the car and wait for the next train. I don't even want to know what the old lady or the scary construction dude with the crazy tattoo were thinking. But I digress. I was talking about last night. So hes we were reading and he went to go reach for my leg/foot with his (we like to keep some kind of physical contact) and he jumped. He said I was freezing. I thought the exact opposite. I thought his leg was on fire. I actually started touching him all over because I really thought he had a fever.

I'm really not sure what to do to solve this issue. So far we've just been fighting over the window and sleeping under different covers while keeping an arm or a leg uncovered.