Sunday, March 15, 2009

Picture This

Once again there is a kitty across my lap and arms. I would normally be annoyed since I'm not exactly fond of the kitty, but I feel really bad because she has been puking all day long. She's shedding really badly and making the whole place look like a kitty exploded but also she has been puking up hair balls like crazy. I know it can't feel great, so therefore, I'm letting her use me as her personal comfy chair. It's kind a nice. She's purring up a storm. The big downside is that I have been vacuuming the whole place every day and pretty much keeping the Schotchguard roller thingy within arms reach at all times.

But enough about Nabi (butterfly in Korean- her facial markings look like a butterfly). Today Aaron and I did something that I thought would be easy, but turned out to be one of the most frustrating things we have ever done. We put up pictures on the walls. Aaron's place was never adorned. I'm talking they had bare white walls before I got here. Shortly before I moved in, we painted the whole place. Most of you may or may not remember that, but of you don't here's a quick recap. Aaron though the living room, long hallway, kitchen, bedroom, closets (and doors) and bathroom would be done in three to four days. HA! It took us about one week to do the bulk of the rooms and another week to finish the closets and those doors. Aaron and his brother are smokers. They used to smoke in every room in the apartment. Also the walls were pretty beat up so before we even started Aaron found out that the walls had to be patched up then sanded before we could even start with the multiple layers of primer. My Dad is a building superintendent and carpenter so I know how to do a lot of repairs around the house. Aaron thought I was nuts when I told him there was no way in hell all of it could be done in the amount of time he estimated.

So yes, since I moved in, I have been making the place look like a home. I've been pretty successful. But the walls were still pretty bare. We finally got around to getting some photos printed, the prints we bought on our honeymoon and I have been raiding his brother's family photo collection. So now that we have frames for everything, I thought finding a home for everything on the walls would be an easy thing. HA! We're on day two of figuring out what goes where. We've got a few things up and we're pretty happy about it, but there are many walls that are under dispute. Huzzah!

I can't wait to see what kind of madness we encounter once we get our own house and have to decorate. Hahahahahaha.