Friday, March 13, 2009

Fingers Crossed and Thumbs Tucked

How exciting. I've got an interview with the rival company for my former employers. It's for a position very similar to the one I had. The only down side if that I would be filling in for a woman on maternity leave, but there is the possibility to have it become permanent. This will obviously be one of my main questions today.

Sure it's not the ideal position since I DO want a full time, permanent position, but the titles alone would make it worth the effort. Besides, the connections I can make there would also be a huge help later on down the road.

Oh yes, in case you're wondering, the lead title for this company rhymes with Mime. :) but I would be working for several of their other titles under that.


Chele76 said...

OMG that is so freaking awsome. KICK BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy said...

Fingers, arms, legs, toes crossed and thumbs tucked. Kick some butt in that interview :)