Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Recap of the weekend.

Because I was a bit preoccupied keep track of the men’s NCAA Tourney, here’s a quick recap of the weekend.

Got up and felt like my head was full of cotton, yay allergies!

Sent out resumes to places, cleaned and wrote out more thank you cards.

For all of two minutes considered going into Manhattan for the Twilight release party and meet one of the movie’s stars but decided against it.


I woke up early decided to jog to the Barnes and Nobel to pick up my movie.

Into the first five minutes of running in the chilly morning I felt the fat-ass burn badly—It’s what I call the way your skin itches when you go running after long periods of inactivity. I mean, inactive enough to really think your muscles have atrophied.

I ignored the itch long enough to be the first to make it to Barnes and Nobel. Once there, I tried my hardest to scratch the top of my butt and thighs without looking like a complete freak. Hopefully, I looked like I was trying to warm myself up while waiting on line outside. By the time they opened, there were about five other women there. We all looked at each other, kind of nodded but kept our eyes to the register. We didn’t need to further acknowledge that we were all holding the Twilight DVD and in some cases the soundtrack as well.

The party at Michele’ was far more fun than I could have imagined. Nothing beats a night out with girls who are all on the right side of the crazy line (By “right,” I mean closer to shit house rat crazy). The viewing party turned into an episode of MST3K before the movie even started. Don’t get me wrong, we all loved the movie (except for maybe Tam, but I suspect she really enjoyed it because of what we did to it.)

I also added to the madness by having everyone watch Adam Sandberg’s “Jizz In my Pants” song which actually became part the evening’s dialogue.

In addition to the movie, we also had a fun time getting creative with the Edward Cullen cutout poster I got. I knew that thing would be nothing but trouble. I was right. :)

I slept. I was feeling pretty icky- allergies came back with a vengeance.

I managed to make it out to the gym, but went back to bed shortly after.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Bloody brilliant idea to bring Edward!!! Thank you!!!!

BeeOhVee said...

He's also available for weddings and Batmitzva's. :)

E. Van Lowe said...

Sounds like your weekend rocked. All I did was OD on b-ball. And I'm sure the MST3K thing was worth the price of admission. I liked the movie (not as much as the book), but that sounds way more entertaining. You go, you clever girl!

BeeOhVee said...

Yeah, the book was definitely better. But that's usually the case. :)