Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Shiteous Global Economy.

Thank you Perez Hilton for the perfect phrase describing the affliction of the world.

So yes, I am now four days away from officially being out of work and still, there is no sign of a new job and I am getting a bit freaked out. In fact, it has actually started interfering with my sleep and sexy time! Not good at all, especially on the latter point. The last time, I was in a grumpy-ass mood so it took poor Aaron a damn long time to even try dropping hints. Then, after I finally understood what he was getting at, all I kept thinking about was where I should send my resume next and what I should do to the resume to tweak it. This of course was before the, ‘oh, I better not get pregnant,’ thoughts. Not that I’m opposed to the idea— I’m actually looking forward to that— but being preggers now, without a job, oh, that’s just asking for trouble. Grr...