Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dinner on Monday was triumphant! I made a pot roast (beef stew style, I accidentally got the cubed chuck meat instead of a solid piece) in the slow cooker. Aaron and Evan refuse to let me throw away the juice that's left. All the meat, veggies and other bits are gone. All that's left is litterally, the juice. They want it saved to use as a topping for rice or the remaining egg noodles.

Last night Aaron and I had veggie dumplings and edemame. He loved it. The later on in the night he went back to the crockpot pot for a second dinner.

But now I am faced with the challenge of coming up with something else for dinner. What can I make that will not be a letdown? I'm going for a baked flounder with some steamed veggies and perhaps a salad.

Aaron wants to try to eat better but I also want him to change his opinion of what healthy food is supposed to be. Somewhere along the line, he got it into his head that healthy food means having to eat dry, bland, foods that resemble bark or twigs. He didn't do himself any favors when he went to a vegan food place either. The dish he got was so appallingly bad that he still says he will never eat tofu again. Bastards!

What kills me is that he goes to such extremes when he decides to do something that he shuts out all other alternatives. Grr... I mean, withthe tofu thing. Had he really wanted to try eating it, you'd think he'd turn to his very own Asian, wouldn't you? Nope. Ah well, perhaps one day he'll listen. At least I got him to budge on the fish issue. He used to swear that he didn't like fish. While it's still not his favorite, he is coming around with the fish dishes I've made for him (which tastes good). He's even tried one of my salmon dishes and really liked it.

Ah well. Here's hoping this one goes over very well. I'd hate to break the streak I'm on.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Yay crockpot!! I will email you a website - this woman made crockpot meals for 365 days - even falafels!! And you may just want to go all "Deceptively Delicious" on him - pretty much add in veggie puree to every dish, but yo ucan't taste it - LOL.

BeeOhVee said...

Actually, he loves veggies, he's just limited to certain kinds and loves those all cooked up, occasionally beyond recognition.