Friday, February 6, 2009

Huzzah, I'm Not Broke, Broke

Good golly! For the first time in many years, my bank account was overdrawn. I was $12 over. Woops. It was all because I forgot to jot down a check I sent out a wee bit ago but didn't get cashed till a few days ago.

I've gotten into the habit of jotting down where all my money goes. At the end of the day I tally up all the receipts or the bank slips. I don't really go as far as keeping tabs on every item I buy any more, just because I've pretty much got my daily spending down to under $10 a day. On a good day, it's less that $5 a day.

What happened with the renegade check? Not sure, but it reminded me of why I forced myself to limit my spending. I remember a time when this was a common occurrence. But then again, I was getting paid next to nothing, but still. I have no idea how the hell I thought it wasn't a big deal. Hell, at this point if my bank account is under the $300 mark, I seriously freak the hell out. I suppose this is why I've been so edgy that my face had broken out. Since the wedding I have been hacking away at my credit card bill and to rebuild my checking account. The wedding pretty much wiped me out. The last paycheck was supposed to be the first in the real recovery effort. Ah well. It's all good. A lot less of the money from this paycheck is earmarked for a bill of some sort.