Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today is one of those days that I kinda wish I had a reset or fast forward button. I started the day off late, so I didn’t pack my lunch and couldn’t eat breakfast. Then I get to work and realize that I left my wallet at home! Luckily I had a few things to nom on and I borrowed a few bucks from our assistant for breakfast. Love her!

Then it seems like everything I tried to write up or send out had some kind of spelling or grammatical error on it. Not only is that really embarrassing, it’s the kind of thing that gets worse as you try harder to correct. At this point, I just want to go home and crawl back under the covers. Well, eat something and then hit the bed.

Sigh… at least Aaron has the night off so he’ll be home to make the bad day go away.


Chele76 said...

I hope you have a better day today

Dizzy Vizzy said...

Yup - at times you wish you had a Tivo remote for life....hope that your hubby made the day better!

BeeOhVee said...

He kinda didn't but kinda did. He goofed early on in the evening but apologized and made it up to me.