Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Four Hours to Learn That We're "Quirky"

Today we had a company-wide meeting at the new building. Even though I am not going to be here for the move—or for that much longer while we’re on the topic—I still had to be there. While I learned that the magazine is going to be niftier looking and that the magazine is going to be shifting it’s focus on content (all of which I already knew), we got to learn that what makes us all unique is that we’re “the quirkiest bunch of people in the zip code.” This is all perfectly fine and dandy with me. I just wish it hadn’t taken four hours to convey this message. I also wish I hadn’t been in the metal folding chair for the duration of that meeting. By the end of it, I felt like my back was screaming.

Luckily our boss treated us to a very nice lunch at the SoHo House. It was quite the trendy private type of place that is frequented by the local celebs like the Broderick’s. Not that there was anyone famous in the joint when we were in there, mind you. Still it was nice not having to come back to the office to attempt to work after a morning of hearing speech after speech.

I also found out that for an American, I have a good knowledge base of British comedies. Sweet!