Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Geeking out

My inner child is squealing!

One of my favorite X-Men characters, Remy LeBeau (must be pronounced with a Cajun accent), aka Gambit, has finally made it to an X-Men movie. It has been rumored that he was going to be in the last one but he was cut. Then there was a rumor that he was going to be played by the dude that plays Sawyer from “Lost” (not that I mind, but I always pictured Gambit to be a bit younger- unless you're talking about when he was temporarily transformed into one of Apocalypse’s Horsemen, Death). But yes. He’s in the new movie and I wanna do a tap dance! Squeeeeee!

Most people don’t know this but once upon a time (from about nine years old straight on through to high school), I was the biggest comic book geek. It mainly started because I was bored one day, didn’t want to go to the library to get a new book and I was really drawn in to the amazing artwork on the covers of my brother’s comics. But yes. I slowly began reading any comic I could get my hands on, often borrowing them from the boys in school. I had a few favorite series-I still adore Poison Elves and still plan on completing my collection one day- but some characters just stood out. I always had an odd soft spot for Gambit. I don’t know, perhaps it was the “ma’ cher,” or the fact that he had a good streak buried in there, especially when it came to Rogue and because I always hoped they would find a way to work things out. But I digress.

Last night while watching TV, my book damn near went flying when I shot up on the couch the moment I saw flying cards in the trailer. I let out a gasp. I honestly let out a gasp followed by “ohmiGoditsGambit!” that ascended in pitch. Aaron shook his head and told me to calm down. I tried. But for a good five minutes I was outright giddy and giggling. He of all people should understand my excitement. He was a far bigger comicbook geek than I ever was. Besides, I wasn't the one who dry humped the back of the desk chair when I first saw the hi-def trailer for Iron Man!

Today I spent most of my time looking for pics of the guy playing Gambit. Try to remember that drool may damage your electrical equipment….


Oh yes, his name is Taylor Kitsch. Apparently he’s from Friday Night Lights.