Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Searching, Searching, Searching...

Ah yes, my search for a new job continues. So far I haven't gotten burned out. I'm actually surprised at the number of postings I'm seeing. I just hope that something pans out. Preferably soon, yes, but more than anything, I just hope something good comes up. I'd like to acutally get back to saving up for a house.

Aaron and I have been really looking at home prices in certain areas and so far we're liking what we're seieng, we just hope that I get a new job soon so we can take advantage of the falling home prices. It'd be nice.

The other thing about the whole job hunt thing is that I'd like to have some time under my belt at a place before I have to tell them that I have to take maternity leave. We'd like to have a baby next year. Trippy huh? A mini me or Aaron next year. Teehee. But first... yeah...