Thursday, February 26, 2009


I’m pretty damn proud of myself. For the last two days I got everything done except getting my increasingly chubby ass to the gym.

The list includes major accomplishments such as: meeting with yet another headhunter, cleaning the apartment, getting to the laundry as well as putting it all away, looking through wedding photos and selecting our top 50, getting to the Social Security office to take care of the name change, getting to a doctor’s appointment and at long last, getting my taxes done. This bitch took three hours! Three hours!

I never knew how complicated it could be to combine two people and their taxes. It’s almost not worth it to get married. Holy Jebus! After that little slice of heaven, having to go to the DMV to change my license and car registration will seem like a tall mug of nice, warm milk.

Of course, I couldn’t have done this had it not been for Aaron. I have to say, sometimes he comes off as a little abrasive and somewhat pushy, but my goodness can the boy work out schedules. I let him run with it since he likes to have control of something. I normally have the say of what happens, when, etc. But since this involved things that involve him, I gave him a list of things I need and want to get done in two days. I told him to figure it out and my golly he did! I was so impressed.

Of course, now I’m back at work ready to start my last stretch of days. I am officially out of work as of March 6 and I am working straight on through till then. Crazy huh? It just couldn’t be helped. You knew I just had to get one more long-ass week in. A parting gift.


Chele76 said...

boy did I confuse myself. I was reading your blog, thinking it was Viz. I REALLY got thrown for a loop then eventually caught on when you mentioned the wedding pics and changing your name. lol

Good for getting all that done!

Burzum said...
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