Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night Aaron and I had a wonderful night in alone. It was awesome. We had dinner, talked, cleaned up afterwards, and sat around watching TV. It was absolutely lovely. As he put it, “Yeah, you can definitely tell we’re married. We have the place to ourselves and we’re sitting here, having a lazy night watching TV.” Luckily, neither of us actually saw anything wrong with what we were doing. We were just happy to be relaxing with each other. Sometimes, it feels like we can be a lot more intimate when we’re doing nothing at all but lying around enjoying the silence (yay Depeche Mode reference).

I‘ve always found it comforting that Aaron and I can actually have a good time, sitting around, being geeky reading, or just talking about things like the day’s news or mythology. Yes, we’ve had heated debates over mythology on several occasions. I actually had to purchase several books on the matter and a mythology encyclopedia to settle disputes. That, and it’s good to have around in case of scrabble games gone wrong. It makes a great weapon.

Okay… so the night wasn’t exactly quiet for the full duration. Happy times were eventually had by all. We’re not dead, you know!