Monday, June 22, 2009

PMS and Nicotine Withdrawl

Yeah, Aaron and I make a wonderful pair this evening. Then again, Aaron's on the irritable side because some of his friends are acting like socially inept monkeys, but it's all good.

Yep in his moments of weakness Aaron picked up the cancer sticks and smoked for the last few days and is now weaning himself off of them. I was good I didn't say a word other than the initial sputterings of "jackass" and "what the hell were you thinking?!" So now he's short-tempered but his buddies... lord. There is one in particular who started a shit storm and is refusing to see why others are angry with him now. Aaron has been trying to explain it to him but that's just not working. I feel bad. Aaron is normally a voice of reason among his friends, but today I really thought he was going to reach through the phone and throttle someone.

So here I am PMS-ing badly and I am I'm trying to be understanding and offering him tea whenever I get myself a mugful (yeah, I've moved beyond the tea cups today). Still, it's hard to remain balanced when I swear my tea leaves are looking at me funny and no matter how low the volume on the TV happens to be, it's still waaay too loud. Aw hell, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up wandering the aisles of the 24 hour supermarket at 3 am, feeling all weepy. :)

Every now and then, I go PMS crazy. It doesn't happen all the time, but every now and then, I get so emotionally fucked up that I take the smallest things and blow them up in my own head. On one occasion, Aaron said something completely innocuous but for some reason, I was convinced that there was some other meaning to his words and they weren't good. So by 3:00am-ish I was so worked up, I got up and told Aaron, who was sound asleep, that I was leaving because he didn't love me anymore. He was confused even once he got past his grogginess. But I was crying my eyes out. He couldn't think of anything to do so he did his best to get me to calm down and offered to get me something to munch on. This was prior to me moving in so there wasn't a scrap of food beyond old butter, freezer burned ice cream and a bottle of vodka in the fridge. Since I didn't want to be by myself he brought me over to the supermarket. We went up and down each aisle. He picked out random things he thought I may like to see if they would appease the crazy. He eventually did.

Yeah, he still wanted to marry me after that. :)


E. Van Lowe said...

What a romantic story. Thanks for sharing.

BeeOhVee said...

Any time. :) You know, I never thought of it as very romantic, but I suppose it kind of is, huh? In its own way... :)