Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Delay

It has been raining all day long and unfortunately it's one of the days that Aaron and his buddies were supposed to go to the Yankee game. It got delayed for five and a half hours. Now they're nowhere near the stadium but they are having dinner and drinks somewhere. I can hear it already, at some point in the middle of the night, "I don't feel so well."

They stayed at the stadium for a few hours. Granted, they were smart enough to not stand or sit in the open, but it was still pretty darn chilly out. Go figure, I finally have my antibiotics and am just starting to feel better and he goes out and gets sick. And if he doesn't get sick this time around, he may tomorrow when they hit Citifield (or the new Shea they still refuse to use the new name). It's supposed to be pouring then too.

Ah well, at least I was smart enough to get a new thermometer. I had to buy a new one today. I got an old-school style (almost-non mercury) one because the batteries in my trusty electronic one died and didn't have the wherewithal to write down the battery size before going to the store.

But anyhoo... I have tea waiting and dinner is just about done. I made chicken pot pie. I had tons of chicken left over from the other day and I can't take soup any more.