Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shopping... But Not That Kind of Shopping

I just finished restocking my kitchen. It took $258 but luckily it was less than I initially thought it would take. I caught a lot of good sales and was armed with a stack of coupons and my store cards. I ended up saving $55 and change. Not too shabby.

What hurts is that while we were away, I believe we shelled out about 600 Euro in food alone. With the conversion, it's about oh, say, somewhere in the make you vomit range. Blech. And in one trip to the supermarket I can feed a household of three with under $300 for a week and a half and then some, if I get very creative. See, makes you vomit. Still, it was nice having someone else doing the cooking for a while. Sigh.

I have to wonder how our travel buddies are adjusting to being home. I've sent out
e-mails to say hello but I know a lot of them aren't home yet. Personally I feel like these last few days have been the longest ever. I've been trying to stay asleep longer, but I keep waking up at 3:00 am. This morning I forced myself back to sleep but was completely awake by 6:30 am so I just got up and started doing stuff. All I kept thinking was that the time feck would be great if I were working. Feck.