Monday, October 26, 2009

"Find The Fish"

Just about anyone that knows me, knows that I have been a Monty Python fan since I was about, oh... fetal. And if you didn't know it, my cell phone's ringtone is a dead giveaway. It's the "Liberty Bell March," a.k.a. the theme song from Flying Circus. I'm always surprised by how often people actually start smiling, giggling or start quoting Python, rather than get annoyed when my cell phone goes off.

But I digress. So I was pissed that I missed the whole Python-A-Thon on the IFC channel. Sadly, we don't have it. Boo... BUT I did get somewhat of a fix when I went up to my brother's place and on the way back home on satellite radio (we caught a broadcast of the 40th reunion special). So yes, it got me in the mood to want to watch Monty Python when I got home. The last thing I heard in the car was the Galaxy Song so naturally, I watched "Meaning of Life."

Sure Grail is the one most people think of when they think of the Python movies, but there is quite a lot to be said for this little gem. I mean where else are you going to find a group of 60 children singing, "every sperm is sacred" and the sublimely bizarre "find the fish," bit?

Now, I have never watched any movie with the director's commentary setting until tonight. It really made me appreciate the movie that much more. Who knew? I think I may have to hit my collection of Flying Circus and see if those have commentary to them.

So, since it's still one of my favorite songs from Monty Python and because it's been stuck in my head for most of the night, I've attached the Galaxy Song.