Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Last night Aaron and I caught a showing of Zombieland. Aaron is not a fan of horror movies. He's just a big chicken like that. Well, that's not fair, he doesn't get scared of the things shown, he just really dislikes the usual gore that comes with the genre. But this he really wanted to see. He loves Woody and it looked pretty funny. It is!

I highly recommend this movie. It satisfies everything anyone could want in a good non dramatic movie. It has tense moments, great acting, quotable lines galore, great FX makeup and a great dose of humor sprinkled all around. The movie even has a completely unexpected cameo which I will so not spoil for you. There are a few jump moments but my biggest jump moment had nothing to do with a zombie but a clown. Fecking, freaky-ass clowns.

Ask Aaron and he will tell you he enjoyed the movie immensely.